Signs Your Boiler Needs Replacing Rather Than Repairing

Boilers are an essential cog in the machine that is your home – so knowing when to replace them can save you hundreds on repairs, and keep you up and running for longer.

4 Signs Your Boiler Needs Replacing:

  • Your Boiler Breaks Down Regularly

Boiler breakdowns are always an inconvenience – especially in winter months. Regular breakdowns will end up costing you hundreds if not thousands in repairs – so it may be worth replacing your old unreliable boiler with a newer more efficient one.

  • Your Boiler Turns Itself On & Off

This is a common sign that your boiler is reaching the end of its life, so you should act before it breaks down. You may also notice your heating bills increase as the boiler fires up and wastes gas, without heating up your home.

  • Your Energy Bills Have Increased

If you notice your energy bills becoming more and more expensive, but your usage has not changed, an inefficient boiler is likely the blame. This shows you that your boiler is no longer working like it used to so you should consider replacing it.

  • Your Boiler Is Old

Boilers that are 12 years old or more put you at higher risk of a breakdown. It is also likely that replacement parts will no longer be available for your boiler. This will make repairs extremely difficult, more expensive, and time-consuming. Most repairs will not even be possible, leaving you no choice but to replace them.

If this sounds like your boiler you’ll want to consider replacing it – get in touch and we can help find you a boiler that will suit your home.

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